Dissertation Defenses

  • June 30
  • Gleides Rizzi, Educational Studies
    Teaching Third Graders Self-Questioning Strategies using Prompt Fading: A Pathway to Reading Comprehension
    Advisor: Ralph Gardner, III
  • Robert Munk, Economics
    Essays on Business Ownership and Self-Employment
    Advisor: Audrey Light
  • Hussam Kashou, Education:Policy & Leadership
    Examining University Students' Self-Regulation Tendencies, Use of Mobile Devices, and Online Engagement During Formal and Informal Learning Settings
    Advisor: Anika Anthony
  • Jason Pitarresi, OSU Biochemistry Program
    The Roles of Hedgehog, Pten, and ETS2 Signaling in the Regulation of Pancreatic Tumorigenesis by Stromal Fibroblasts
    Advisor: Michael Ostrowski
  • Nichole Hodges, Public Health
    Infant Safe Sleep in Ohio: Shere do Prenatal and Postnatal Healthcare Providers fit in?
    Advisor: Mira Katz
  • Rachel Ralston, Communication
    Motivation activation and the EPPM: Exploring real-time fear appeal processing
    Advisor: Nancy Rhodes
  • Jordan Satler, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    De ecological communities co-diversify? An investigation into the Sarracenia alata pitcher plant system
    Advisor: Bryan Carstens
  • Kimberly Murphy, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Spelling and Reading Comprehension: Unique Relations in Third Grade
    Advisor: Laura Justice
  • Larkin Weyand, Education:Teaching & Learning
    How the Social Practices of Narrative Develop Over Tim within the Context of an Alternative High School Committed to Experiential Education
    Advisor: George Newell
  • Matthew Gallovic, Chemical Engineering
    Acid-Sensitive Polymer Microparticles for Subunit Vaccine Delivery
    Advisor: Barbara Wyslouzil
  • Shin Tsuchiya, East Asian Lang and Lit
    Perceptions of Native and Nonnative Speakers and Observational Analysis of "Divergent" Japanese Language Teachers
    Advisor: Charles Quinn
  • July 1
  • Emily Tarr, Labor and Human Resources
    Power and emotional contagion: The role of attention, relational identification, and trust
    Advisor: Steffanie Wilk
  • Samantha McDonnell, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Compensation and Calibration Techniques for High Performance Current-Steering DACs
    Advisor: Waleed Khalil
  • Vittorio Merola, Political Science
    Essays on the Economic Inequality and Public Opinion
    Advisor: Sarah Brooks
  • Rebecca Favorito, History
    Constructing Legitimacy: Patrimony, Patronage, and Political Communication in the Coronation of Henry IV
    Advisor: Scott Levi
  • Ziwei Xu, Educational Studies
    Training via Practioner Journal Articles: A Pathway to Increasing Teachers' Procedural Integrity
    Advisor: Nancy Neef
  • Ning Zhang, Horticulture and Crop Science
    Dissection of GmScream Promoters that Regulate the Highly Expressing Soybean (Glycine max) Genes
    Advisor: John Finer
  • July 5
  • Andrew Wendruff, Geological Sciences
    Paleobiology and Taphonomy of Exceptionally Preserved Organisms from the Brandon Bridge Formation (Silurian), Wisconsin, USA
    Advisor: Loren Babcock
  • Sushant More, Physics
    Improving Predictions with Reliable Extrapolation Schemes and Better Understanding of Factorization
    Advisor: Richard Furnstahl
  • Michael Presley, Materials Sci and Engineering
    The formation of amorphous and crystalline damage in metallic and semiconducting materials under gallium ion radiation
    Advisor: Hamish Fraser
  • Qing Zhang, Mathematics
    On certain results on local gamma factors for symplectic and unitary groups
    Advisor: James Cogdell
  • Qin Chen, East Asian Lang and Lit
    The Others: Restraint, desire, and the Politics of Chinese Horror Cinema (1989-2015)
    Advisor: Kirk Denton
  • July 6
  • Hyeyoung Kim, Geography
    The Role of Pastoralist Mobility in Foot-and-Mount Disease Transmission in the Far North Region of Cameroon
    Advisor: Ningchuan Xiao
  • Jonathan Shintaku, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Alternative NF-kappaB Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Metabolism
    Advisor: Denis Guttridge
  • Joel Higley, History
    The Brains of the Air Force: Laurence Kuter and the Making of the United States Air Force
    Advisor: Peter Mansoor
  • Jojo Wang, Statistics
    Empirical Bayes Model Averaging in the Presence of Influential Observations
    Advisor: Mario Peruggia
  • Julia Elmer, City and Regional Planning
    Reinventing the Rust Belt: Welcoming Economies, Immigrant Entrepreurship, and Urban Resilience
    Advisor: Bernadette Hanlon
  • Angela Thatcher, Environment&Natural Resources
    Three Sociological Analyses in University Level Teaching
    Advisor: Kristi Lekies
  • John Shaw, English
    Throwing Share on History: Black Women's Queer Desires in Post-Civil Rights Literature, Visual Culture, and Music
    Advisor: Martin Ponce
  • Ryan Yu, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Developing New Ligation Techniques to Overcome the Size and Yield Limitations of Protein Total Synthesis
    Advisor: Jennifer Ottesen
  • Tara Lindberg, Education:Phy Act & Ed Srvc
    Peer Support Among School Psychologists in Urban School Districts
    Advisor: Antoinette Miranda
  • Duchao Lv, Materials Sci and Engineering
    A Multi-Scale Simulation Approach to Deformation Mechanism Prediction in Superalloys
    Advisor: Yunzhi Wang
  • Anas Abu Doleh, Electrical and Computer Engine
    High Performing and Scalable Matching and Assembly Tools for Biological Sequences
    Advisor: Umit Catalyurek
  • Douglas Wertepny, Physics
    Two-Particle correlations in Heavy-Light Ion Collisions
    Advisor: Yuri Kovchegov
  • July 7
  • Xiaodi Ren, Chemistry
    Low-Cost High-Efficiency Potassium-Oxygen Battery for Energy Storage
    Advisor: Yiying Wu
  • Aneil Baron, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Three Essays on the Applications of Housing Transactions
    Advisor: Elena Irwin
  • Christopher Willis, Physics
    Studies of Ion Acceleration from Thin Solid-Density Targets on High-Intensity Lasers
    Advisor: Linn Van Woerkom
  • Gabriel Piser, Comparative Studies
    Appalachian Anthropocene
    Advisor: Eugene Holland
  • Shaun Fontanella, Geography
    Investigating the Use of Electricity Information Systems and Real Time Feedback to Decrease Building Electricity Consumption
    Advisor: Ola Ahlqvist
  • Su Shin, Consumer Sciences
    An Economic Analysis of the Market for Long-term Care Evidence from Alzheimer's Disease
    Advisor: Dean Lillard
  • Yoon Jung Kim, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Teachers' sense of efficacy to teach English-mediated courses at Korean university levels: Comparisons of native English-speaking (NES), native Korean (NNES), & Korean 1.5 generation English-speaking (K1.5ES) teachers
    Advisor: Alan Hirvela
  • Christopher Plumberg, Physics
    Event-by-event fluctuations in relativistic heavy-ion collisions and their consequences in azimuthally sensitive Hanbury Brown-Twiss Radii
    Advisor: Ulrich Heinz
  • Lingqian Chang, Biomedical Engineering
    3D Nanochannel Array Platform for High-throughput Cell Manipulation and Nono-electroporation
    Advisor: L James Lee
  • Benjamin Jara, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Social and Economic Impacts of Natural Disasters
    Advisor: Mark Partridge
  • Jill Hoffman, Social Work
    Promoting Healthy Social-Emotional Development in Vulnerable Young Children: The Importance of Head Start Teachers and Centers
    Advisor: Dawn Anderson-Butcher
  • Xiaotong Liu, Computer Science & Engineering
    Visual Exploration and Comparative Analytics of Muldicimensional Data Sets
    Advisor: Han-Wei Shen
  • Jessica Chadwick, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Mineralocorticoid Receptors: A Novel Therapeutic Target for Treating Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
    Advisor: Jill Rafael-Fortney
  • Garrett Somers, Astronomy
    Lithium Depletion in Solar-Type Stars: From the Pre-Main Sequence to the Age of the Sun
    Advisor: Marc Pinsonneault
  • Katie Albanese, Environmental Science
    Toxicity and Environmental Fate of Triclosan, Triclocraban, and their Photoproducts
    Advisor: Roman Lanno
  • July 8
  • Pei Zhang, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Identification of Replication-Dependent and Replication-Independent Linker Histone Complexes
    Advisor: Mark Parthun
  • Jefferson Barlew, Linguistics
    The semantics and pragmatics of perspectival expressions in English and Bulu:\ The case of deictic motion verbs
    Advisor: Judith Tonhauser
  • Biao Huang, Physics
    New Physics in Ultracold Quantum Gases: Large Spin Fermions and Non-Trivial Background Manifolds
    Advisor: Jason Ho
  • Christopher Pan, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Novel Signaling Mechanisms for Endoglin During Angiogenesis
    Advisor: Nam Lee
  • Stephanie Aubry, Spanish & Portuguese
    The Loss of Basic Rights in El Salvador Post-Democratization: Representations of Free Trade, Economic Scarcity and Violence
    Advisor: Ana Del Sarto
  • William Stromeyer, Business Administration
    On Entrepreneurial Learning, Mentoring, and the Logic Bayes
    Advisor: Raymond Noe
  • Alejandro Pina Ortega, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Modeling and Analysis of Asymmetries in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
    Advisor: Longya Xu
  • Yinxuan Shi, Computer Science & Engineering
    Procedural Content Generation for Computer Games
    Advisor: Roger Crawfis
  • Ali Siddiqui, History
    The Naqshbandiyya after Khwaja Ahrar: Networks of Trade in Central and South Asia
    Advisor: Scott Levi
  • Lauren Bailes, Education:Policy & Leadership
    A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation into the Meaning and Measure of Political Efficacy and its Application to Education
    Advisor: Roger Goddard
  • Chris Ziehm, Chemistry
    Ground State and Excited State Mixed Valency in Metal-Metal Quadruply Bonded Complexes Supported by Extended Ligands
    Advisor: Claudia Turro
  • James Gallagher, Physics
    Synthesis and Investigation of High quality Materials for Spintronics Applications
    Advisor: Fengyuan Yang
  • Vitaly Petrishchev, Aero and Astronautical Eng
    Kinetics and chemistry of ionization wave discharges propagating over various dielectric surfaces
    Advisor: Igor Adamovich
  • Arjun Sengupta, Economics
    Essays on Behavioral Economics
    Advisor: Lucas Coffman
  • Jiexin Cao, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    The Circadian Rhythm of Gap Junctions between Photoreceptors in Goldfish retina
    Advisor: Stuart Mangel
  • Rosanna Watowicz, Health and Rehabilitation Sci
    Integrating Components of the Patient-Centered Medical Neighborhood into Nurtition Counseling for Hypertension within a Grocery Store: an Instrumental Case Study
    Advisor: Chris Taylor
  • July 11
  • Xin Zhang, East Asian Lang and Lit
    Four-character Chinese Idioms: A Pedagogy of Native Expectations
    Advisor: Galal Walker
  • Ezra Schricker, Political Science
    The Indirect Effects of Mediation: A Dynamic Model of the Interaction Between Mediation and Conflict
    Advisor: Alexander Thompson
  • Mikaella Polyviou, Business Administration
    Essays on Supply Chain Disruptions: A Schema, Managerial Reactions, and Decision-Making
    Advisor: August Knemeyer
  • Shawn Flanagan, Kinesiology
    Neurological Basis of Persistent Functional Deficits After Traumatic Musculoskeletal Injury
    Advisor: William Kraemer
  • Rachel Burdin, Linguistics
    Variation in Form and Function in Jewish English Intonation
    Advisor: Brian Joseph
  • Ashley Matheny, Civil Engineering
    Development of a Novel Plant-Hydrodynamic Approach for Modeling of Forest Transpiration During Drought and Disturbance
    Advisor: Gil Bohrer
  • Sabri Dogan, Educational Studies
    School counselors as social Justice Advocates for Immigrants: A Phenomenological Study of Their Perceptions of their Competencies and Ther Influence on Family Language Policy
    Advisor: Colette Dollarhide
  • Ozan Basciftci, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Private and Secure Data Communication Information Theoretic Approach
    Advisor: Can Koksal
  • Nilini Ranbaduge, Chemistry
    Mass Spectrometry Based Clinical Proteomics for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
    Advisor: Vicki Wysocki
  • Tyler Growden, Electrical and Computer Engine
    III-V Tunneling Based Quantum Devices for High Frequency Applications
    Advisor: Paul Berger
  • Alexis Ortiz-Rosario, Biomedical Engineering
    Improved Methodologies for the Simultaneous Study of Two Motor Systems: Reticulospinal and Corticospinal Cooperation and Competition for Motor control
    Advisor: Hojjat Adeli
  • Jamie Richmond, Neuroscience Graduate Prog
    Toll-like receptor 4 regulates intraspinal and peripheral responses after spinal cord injury
    Advisor: Dana McTigue
  • Jason Reece, City and Regional Planning
    Advancing Equity Planning and Fair Housing: An Evaluation of HUD's Sustainable Communities Initiative
    Advisor: Jennifer Cowley
  • Samyam Rajbhandari, Computer Science & Engineering
    Locality Optimization for Regular and irregular Applications
    Advisor: P. Sadayappan
  • Steven Bengal, Psychology
    From Attitudes to Anchoring (And Back): Incorporating Knowledge, Plausibility, and Extremity
    Advisor: Duane Wegener
  • Tunde Szivak, Kinesiology
    Warfighter adrenal response to extreme military stress
    Advisor: William Kraemer
  • July 12
  • Kuan-Yu Chen, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Lake Erie walleye population dynamics and stock discrimination methods
    Advisor: Elizabeth Marschall
  • Andrew Luttrell, Psychology
    Judgment Certainty: Perceptions of its Origins and Why They Matter
    Advisor: Richard Petty
  • Dane Smith, Physics
    Resonant Flquet scattering of ultracold atoms
    Advisor: Eric Braaten
  • Evan Goldstein, Neuroscience Graduate Prog
    TLR4-activated microglia have divergent effects on oligodendrocyte linage cells
    Advisor: Dana McTigue
  • John Obrycki, Environment&Natural Resources
    Managing soils for environmental and public health
    Advisor: Nicholas Basta
  • Sebastien Mainville, Political Science
    The International System and Its Environment Modern Evolutionary, Physiological, and Developmental Perspectives on Change in World Politics
    Advisor: Alexander Wendt
  • Yanan Jia, Statistics
    Bilinear Mixed Effects Models for Multi-indexed Multivariate data
    Advisor: Catherine Calder
  • Marnie Shapiro, Educational Studies
    Yes You Can: The Effects of a Module to Teach Preference Assessments and Least-to-Most Prompting Procedures
    Advisor: Nancy Neef
  • Yujin Chang, Education:Policy & Leadership
    The Role of Instructional Relevance and Teacher Competence Support in Student Motivation and Achievment in High School Math Classrooms
    Advisor: Eric Anderman
  • Michael Eades, Nuclear Engineering
    135Xe in LEU Cermet Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Systems
    Advisor: Thomas Blue
  • Rachel Mauk, Atmospheric Sciences
    Prediction of Intensity Change Subsequest to Concentric Eyewall Formation
    Advisor: Jay Hobgood
  • Tabatha Simmons, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Treatment of DMD 5' Mutations through Two Different Exon 2 Skipping Strategies: rAAV9.U7snRNA Mediated Skipping and Antisense Morphlino Oligomers
    Advisor: Kevin Flanigan
  • July 13
  • Meng Zhang, Biophysics
    Redox Tuning of Flavin and Ultrafast Electron Transfer Mechanisms in DNA repair of Photolyases
    Advisor: Dongping Zhong
  • Brooke Stevens, Environmental Science
    Evaluation of in vitro Bioaccessiability Methods ability to Predict Relative Bioavailability of Arsenic Contaminated Soils
    Advisor: Nicholas Basta
  • LaPorchia Collins, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Three Essays Examining Household Demand for Healthy Foods
    Advisor: Elena Irwin
  • Kevin Gardner, Mechanical Engineering
    Validating FSI Simulations in LS-DYNA 971
    Advisor: Amos Gilat
  • Fei Lao, Food Science and Technology
    Purple Corn (Zea May L.) anthocyanins: Extraction, quantification, spray drying and complexation with proteins
    Advisor: Maria Giusti
  • Yi Xie, Nuclear Engineering
    Chloride-Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking in Used Nuclear Fuel Welded Stainless Steel Canisters
    Advisor: Jinsuo Zhang
  • July 14
  • Christopher Erlinger, Greek and Latin
    How Eunuchs Work: Eunuchs as a Narrative Device in Greek and Roman Literature
    Advisor: Benjamin Acosta-Hughes
  • Guodong Fan, Mechanical Engineering
    Model Order Reduction of Multi-Dimensional Partial Differential Equations for Electrochemical-Thermal Modeling of large-Format Lithium-ion Batteries
    Advisor: Marcello Canova
  • Ingy Youssef, Computer Science & Engineering
    Proofs on Common Languages
    Advisor: Anish Arora
  • Heather Kaplan, Art Education
    Young Children's Playful Artmaking: An Ontological Direction for Art Education
    Advisor: Sydney Walker
  • Monica Garcia Blizzard, Spanish & Portuguese
    The Indigenismos of Mexican Cinema before and through the Gold Age: Ethnographic Spectacle, "Whiteness," and Spiritual Otherness
    Advisor: Laura Podalsky
  • July 15
  • Michael Furman, Slavic&East Euro Langs&Cltrs
    Playing with the Punks: St. Petersburg and the DIY Ethos
    Advisor: Jennifer Suchland
  • Katherine Brind'Amour, Public Health
    Maternal and Child Health Home visiting Evaluations Using Large, Pre-Existing Data Sets
    Advisor: Thomas Wickizer
  • Giang Le, Mathematics
    The Action dimension of Artin Groups
    Advisor: Michael Davis
  • July 20
  • Marina Duque, Political Science
    Status in International Politics
    Advisor: Alexander Wendt
  • July 26
  • Xing Zhang, Chemistry
    Spin-flip time-dependent density functional theory and its applications to photodynamics
    Advisor: John Herbert
  • July 28
  • Teresa Kouri, Philosophy
    Logical Pluralism
    Advisor: Stewart Shapiro
  • July 29
  • Kamalesh Sainath, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Robust Numerical Electromagnetic Eigenfunction Expansion Algorithms
    Advisor: Fernando Teixeira
  • August 1
  • Ezdeen Elghannai, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Novel Method to Control Antenna Currents Based on Theory of Characteristic Modes
    Advisor: Roberto Rojas-Teran
  • August 4
  • Cedric Lee, Electrical and Computer Engine
    A Wireless, Fully-Passive Recorder for Medical Applications
    Advisor: John Volakis

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